I Heart Castles, Mountains, and Fennel Wine in Switzerland

I am FINALLY posting some quality (aka not iPhone photos) of our trip. We’re starting with Switzerland.

Brody and I are so fortunate to visit his dad and stepmom every summer. This visit was sadly shorter than normal because of the flight times to Croatia, but we still had lots of fun with them and Bridget and JP.

We ate good food.

Mmmm…Swiss Grill – good thing no one is a vegetarian

We hiked.

Hiking the Swiss Alps

Brody’s dad, Bridget, and I relaxing on a rock where we ate lunch while the boys hike up to the waterfall

Pretty waterfall

We drank wine in the cave (pronounced with an a like avocado).

Check out all that wine! Sorry, but you won’t find any fennel wine* in those racks – JP polished it off.

*The fennel wine comment deserves an explanation. Brody’s dad purchased a whole case of red wine from a local vineyard because he had tried their other wines and enjoyed them. This particular red wine, however, was not good. Someone, maybe JP, decided it tasted like fennel, and the wine was called such from then on. After quite a bit of red wine one night and many games of euchre, we attempted to finish the last bottle or two, but only JP could stand it. He was a trooper; Brody’s dad was very happy when he found out he no longer had nasty fennel wine on his hands.

We visited castles.

We walked for about thirty minutes along Lake Geneva from the Montreux Jazz Festival to this castle

While JP visited (as in looked, not used) the ancient latrines (the holes went right into the water!), the three of us took a break in an open section of the castle.

We took in the incredible landscape.

Can you imagine waking up to this view every day?

For Bridget’s vacation recap of Switzerland, head here. She is WAY funnier than I am and she already has her Croatia posts done. She has a full-time job and I only nanny a few days a week. Me = no excuses.

Have a fantastic Tuesday!

Have you ever been to Switzerland? Where’d you go? What’d you do?


Vacation Update: Switzerland

Hello from the Swiss Alps!


This rainbow appeared Friday afternoon

After three days in the Valais, we will be saying goodbye to Brody’s dad and stepmom tomorrow morning and flying from Geneva to Dubrovnik. We’ve had an awesome time, and we’re sad to leave already. Brody has been taking lots of pictures, so once we get back to the States, I’ll do a few posts using those images (food and mountain porn). But for now, here’s a brief overview of our visit.

-drove from Geneva and sat around in the late afternoon
-ate “Swiss Grill” which is a smorgasbord of meats (various sausages, lamb, and pork)
-drank good red wine

-woke up around 8am and read on the patio
-went hiking up the mountain and had a picnic lunch
-drove to a mountain village where we had a drink, shopped, and drooled all over a bakery
Bridget and I both “shut ‘er down” (napped) for an hour and a half
-ate veal, pasta, salad, and tartes (and I had my first French macaroon!)
-played euchre and drank wine in the Cave (a wine and drinking cellar in the basement) until 2:30am…oops

-slept until 11am (combination of late night, wine, and jet lag)
-drove to Montreux, which is on Lake Geneva, to check out the Montreux Jazz Festival
-walked to the Chateau Chillon and toured the castle
-ate roasted chicken, salad, raclette, and apricot sorbet with raspberries

There is so much I have left out, but like I said before, the pictures will tell a better story. I have no clue if I will have access to Internet or time to post from Croatia, so if I don’t check in, assume I am on a sailboat in the Adriatic Sea. Sounds incredible, I know. I can’t wait to see Croatia!