Maryland – Eats and Drinks, Part Two

Yesterday was GO, GO, GO! Obviously I missed Jenn’s WIAW, but when choosing between living my life and blogging, I will always choose the former. Plus, last night Laura hosted Wine and Recipe Night, which is always so much fun. Expect a good recipe or two in the next couple days.

Now on to wrapping up my food experiences in Maryland…

A local who was handing out wine samples at the liquor store suggested The Narrows for the best crab cakes around. Once everyone arrived, we walked over and were seated right away. I really wanted the crab cake dinner which came with a choice of potato (I love restaurant baked potatoes!) but they were out of them. Instead I ordered the crab cake from the “light” part of the menu; this came with a salad, a very large crab cake and asparagus. The crab cake had barely any fillers – it was almost all crab! I tasted great, but unfortunately, due to the red wine and the conversation, I can’t say I truly savored it.

Crab cake dinner at The Narrows

The next morning all ten of us ate at Holly’s. We were loud, likely obnoxiously so to other customers, and had fun catching up without alcohol. Although the scrapple enticed me (to be read with heavy sarcasm), I went with a classic: two eggs, bacon, and toast.

Holly’s for breakfast

Isn’t Mason so good cute with his mohawk? Tina and her husband might be one of the best looking couples ever, so it makes sense that they’d produce beautiful offspring. I took this photo after breakfast outside of Holly’s.

Tina and her adorable son, Mason

Lizzie and Mike (and their families) went all out for their drinks and food: open bar and heavy appetizers. Their signature drink, Dark and Stormy, was refreshing. The best apps included the crab or lobster (not sure which one) bisque and the marinated artichokes.

Amy, Kristen and I enjoying cocktail hour outside after the wedding

We sat down for dinner and had to restrain ourselves from digging into this amazing salad until being welcomed to dinner and saying grace.

Salad course: Caesar salad

By the time the servers presented the entree, the sun had set, hence the crappy photo. Due to the wine, Dark and Stormies, heavy appetizers, and Caesar salad, my belly was full. But like the good eater I am, I ate the crab-stuffed shrimp and vegetables and left the steak and potatoes.

Main course: steak, crab-topped shrimp, vegetables, and potatoes

For dessert, they had a Viennese dessert bar with mini cheesecakes, almond cakes, chocolate-covered strawberries, and various other goodies. Servers didn’t cut the cake until 10:30pm, so when they walked around with slices, I gladly accepted a chocolate slice with buttercream frosting. My friends and I decided the frosting was incredible; it was light, fluffy and not overly sweet.

And that concludes my dietary adventures in Maryland. Kind of…I just remembered I may have stayed up to wait for Papa John’s. Yup, two slices of pizza at 1am. Gotta end a weekend of indulgences on a high note, right?

See you again soon!

Hey (Maryland) Baby!

Greetings from Maryland!


While we are now on Kent Island at the Hilton (love free wi-fi), we spent Thursday and most of today in Annapolis with Brody’s friend from high school and college. The weather has been gorgeous and Annapolis is a fun city to explore. The last time we were here was for Matt (Brody’s buddy) and his wife’s wedding about four years ago.

The friends we stayed with, Matt and Julie, have an adorable baby girl named Ella. At seven months with blondish-red hair, she is one damn cute baby.

Ella enjoys anything plastic: straws, spoons, and water bottles kept her entertained for good chunks of time. As Julie put it, Ella always wants to be in the mix. I was most impressed with her downward dog; unfortunately, I failed to get a pic of it, but like the pose, her hands and feet touched the ground and her butt pointed to the ceiling.

Even Brody got in on the baby action. Although he looks quasi-drunk in this photo, he is not. He kept using the lines from some movie (Old School maybe?) as a way to address Ella; something like “Hey, Baby!” and “What up Baby?” (edited to add: After Brody woke up from his nap, he told me it is from Dave Chapelle’s standup).

Matt, Julie, and Ella were so kind to let us crash at their house in Annapolis for the night, and we enjoyed seeing them. We had a great time catching up, eating good food (more on this in future posts), and doing a little sight-seeing (also more on this later). Thanks guys!

I have been SO much better about taking photos, and I can’t wait to do a couple posts to recap this wonderful weekend when I get home. Until then, all you get are photos taken with my iPad. I will leave you for the day with the view we have from our hotel.